Necessity is the mother of invention

Meaning of Necessity is the mother of invention Quote by Plato.

Meaning of Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Plato quote photo

What is the meaning of “Necessity is the mother of invention.

The quotation means that when the need of something becomes essential, it is this necessity that drives man to find ways of achieving it and hence to the invention. Almost all the big inventions and discoveries are the outcome of the necessities and desires of human life.


This proverb has been used for a very long time now, so long that the original author of this saying cannot be accurately placed. Commonly this quotation is attributed to the great Greek philosopher Plato. The proverb has been used in many different forms until it found a definite shape. In early age, men had no house, no cooked food and no clothing but now, their need made them invent everything, from food, to house, clothing and other basic and luxurious items as well. They found ways of growing food; they found medicines to fulfill their need of healthy life. They invented modes of transportation, boat in water and wheels on roads. They learned how to tame bulls and ox. It was their need for certain things that drove them to find ways of fulfilling them. Hence, the proverb that necessity is indeed the mother of inventions and sometimes desires as well.

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