Ignorance is bliss

Meaning of Ignorance is bliss Quote.

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What is the meaning of “Ignorance is bliss.

Not every time, but surely on some occasions it can be said that Ignorance is bliss. There might be some times when not knowing about something could be a reason for your happiness.


Take for examples kids. They are so ignorant about so many things, about the big bad world, about the truth of being a grown up and also about how hard it is for a girl to survive in the world. They innocently believe in Santa Claus, tooth fairies, fairy tales and so much more. They are ignorant that these things are not real and that keeps them happy. There can’t be a more perfect example in the justification of the proverb. However, in almost all the other times, being ignorant could cause great harm. Like a parent being ignorant about their child being indulge in alcohol could be bliss for the child. But it can later be the cause of grief to either or both of them.

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