Sleep is the best meditation Dalai Lama

Meaning of Sleep is the best meditation Quote by Dalai Lama.

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What is the meaning of “Sleep is the best meditation.

There is not much difference in what meditation and sleep does to your mind and body. Meditation helps you keep calm and rejuvenates your mind. Sleeps also cleanse our mind of the day’s dirt, frustration and anger. A sound sleep soothes our mind and calms t down. It rejuvenates it so that both the mind and the body get ready to face another day.

Disturbed sleep or no sleep kills the active cells of our brain. They make us feel more tired and depressed. The great Dalai Lama knows the importance of the sleep; hence he gave the world the quote. Sometimes it is in our sleep that our brain works out the solution to the most critical problem. It is because while we are asleep the brain is calm and works more efficiently. So sleep well, to make yourself efficient, to make your brain sharp and clear and to keep yourself calm.

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