Where focus goes, energy flows

Meaning of Where focus goes, energy flows Quote by Tony Robbins.

Meaning of Where Focus Goes Energy Flows Tony Robbins quote photo - full hd 4k quote photo

What is the meaning of “Where focus goes, energy flows.

Focus is a very essential part of our lives. It is said that whatever we think off often, consciously or unconsciously, it grows in our reality. It goes for both positive and negative things equally. If you focus on why things aren’t going as they are supposed to be, your struggles will grow more and will be tougher. If you are not sure about what you want, you will find a fuzziness surrounding your life.


This is why you need a vision, a focus on what you want. If not, the energy that you posses for attaining your aim will be scattered. You need to concentrate on the task in order to have the energy and power to complete it. You need to change your focus towards your life and your work; the energy will follow your focus, helping you in achieving what you want.

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