Who’s Set Out to Make a Breakout in the Rap Game

There are lots of new faces to the rap game. It seems like the next batch of talent is coming in hot—fresh with talent, skill and sick beats bound to make the Billboard charts.

Already new faces are sweeping the Billboard Magazine covers and holding out at number one spots longer than their idols ever have before!

Rap TV predicts that it is their fresh new energy that will solidify the up and comers in the rap game for the long run.

Back in the 1990s rap music didn’t have YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. They just had albums that they could release and hope that the sales went well. Now, the next generation of rappers are going viral on YouTube, taking over SoundCloud and have millions of followers on social media. They are redefining what it means to be a rapper and how to get followers, because their fans get more access to their music and their lives than ever before!

But just like the current rap stars today, every newbie needs to have a breakout season. Here are the rappers set to have a huge breakout this year.

1.     O3 Greedo

He isn’t greedy but he is stealing a lot of limelight in the rapping world. He is proving to be the ultimate combination of having authentic charm with enough of a unique personality to prove memorable. His music is inspired from the streets of LA and his music has gone up since his first mixtape dropped. Unfortunately his personal life isn’t looking so flash and might put a bit of a dent in his stardom as he is about to face a twenty year prison sentence. But 03 Greedo is determined to not let his personal life interfere with his rapping career.

2.     Shek Wes

After facing exile from his mother for his behaviour, he has come back from Senegal ready to make his mark on the rapping world. He has the in with the right people already, signing with Kanye West’s music label and having Travis Scott as a mentor. And while he first got his start as a prodigy basketball player and pretty boy model, Sheck Wes has shown he really is the triple threat! He even has a deal with Nike and is about to drop another album, we can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for this talented individual!

3.     Cousin Stizz

He’s got this rap game already sorted, figuring out how to put new spins on classic beats. He is quickly rising to rap stardom with his street swag and banger dance moves. But what really sets him apart is his incredible talent in rapping rhymes with perfect technique that is addicting to listen to. He is already working on his next stage of music and we honestly can not wait for it to premier, as we believe it is going  to be some of his best work yet!

4.     SahBabii

She started off the year with a banger single and hasn’t stopped yet. She did it right, as she has gotten the industry hooked on her sweet raps already. The combination of her unique voice and unique looks make SahBabii memorable. Hailing from Atlanta, she is proving that the city continues to produce legends and is doing her city proud. Let us see what comes next after the success of her first album.

5.     Princess Nokia

Could this be the year that female rappers steal the throne? Her one of a kind mix tapes are making Princess Nokia simply unforgettable. She is part emo and part diva. Her fans love her and her rap tunes simply won’t leave your head. No one can figure her out and that is why she is simply so addicting. We want to listen more to try to understand what she is all about. If the last two  years are any indication, this girl is going to be unstoppable for years to come. And we’re all here for that ride!

6.     Valee

This rapper has got swagger and we can’t get enough! He is smooth, he is confident and he delivers every rap line with impeccable ease. He is also signed to Kanye West’s music label, an exclusive group of artists who are showing so much promise that Kanye wants to take them under his wing. He hails from Chicago and is sending shockwaves through the city, and soon the entire world. Watch out everyone, Valee is sure to come in just as smoothly as he raps.

We love where rap music has come to. The current rap stars are setting the scene for these up and comers to take over the industry. Just as happened in decades past. It is a legacy that will never die in the rap world and we are so pleased that the new talent keeps pouring in!

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