An eye for an eye

Meaning of An eye for an eye .

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What is the meaning of “An eye for an eye.

This proverb states the law of retaliation. Law of retaliation is a principle that says the person who has hurt or injured other person is to pay or penalised to the similar extent. In other words the person receives the same injury that has been given to the victim.


Today, the proverb is widely used in terms of revenge, like similar hurts or injuries are inflicted to them who has given those to us or murdering the one who has murdered. But in truth, it is not what it means. It means that the criminal must get the punishment equal to the gravity of crime he has done. This principle goes as back as the Babylonian law. The proverb was established in the society that was not governed by law then. It was used for settling wrong doings, feuds and vendettas. Different societies took the principle differently and it kept changing shapes.

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